Miss Me – And Let Me Go!

January 15, 2011

Now that I’ve come to the end of the road

And the sun has set for me

Remember the fun and the laughs we had

Why cry for a soul set free?

Miss me a little – but not too long

And not with your head bowed low

Remember the love we all still share

Miss me – And let me go!

This is a journey we all will take

Each of us takes it alone

It is all part of the good Lord’s plan

A step on the road to home

When you feel lonely or sick at heart

Seek out the friends we know;

Ease your sorrow by doing good deeds

Miss me – And let me go!

–Author Unknown

The “Big One”-L.A.’s Next “Great Quake”

July 9, 2009

You hear it almost every day here in L.A….public officials reminding us to be prepared for the “Big One”, the next “Great Quake” that will hit this area in the near future. 

Seismologists often mention that the area is overdue for the next magnitude 8 earthquake.  They base this, in part, on the fact that the southern San Andreas Fault–the only fault that we know of in this area that can deliver a quake of this size–has not had this large of an earthquake since the last one in 1857, the “Great Fort Tejon Earthquake” (M 7.9).

Fort Tejon, in fact, was not the epicenter of this earthquake.  The fault rupture originated northwest of Parkfield in Monterey County and propagated southeastward for over 360 km (225 miles) along the San Andreas Fault to the Cajon Pass northwest of San Bernardino. 

Technically, Parkfield was the epicenter of this quake, as it was the origin of the rupture, but most scientists would be more concerned with the extent and location of the entire rupture; Fort Tejon was approximately the midway point of the rupture. The earthquake actually acquired its name because Fort Tejon was the only populated locality near the fault, and naturally, the Fort suffered more damage than the rest of sparsely-populated 1857 Southern California.

So, was this really the last “Great Quake” to strike Southern California, considering that Parkfield is nearly 200 miles away from the Los Angeles Basin?  When was the last “Big One” that struck a little closer to home?

The last “Great Quake” to shake this area may have occurred around 1690, before another major earthquake on the southern San Andreas Fault, in 1812, with an epicenter near Wrightwood.  The 1812 earthquake ruptured the San Andreas Fault on the Wrightwood (southern) half  of the Mojave segment, from north of Pallett Creek to south of Cajon Pass.  It is believed that this quake was smaller in magnitude    (M 7.3) than the 1857 earthquake, though it did severely damage the Mission at San Juan Capistrano–over 50 miles away.  Damage was also reported at the Mission in San Gabriel, and in San Diego. 

Another major (M 7.1) earthquake shook the area two weeks later (potentially triggered by the Wrightwood quake) and caused damage to missions in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.  The epicenter originally was believed to be either offshore or in Santa Barbara or Ventura counties, and there may have been some confusion in the records over which quake caused damage to which missions. 

Recent studies have indicated that the second quake may have also been on the San Andreas Fault, rupturing the northern half of the Mojave segment from north of Pallett Creek to south of Fort Tejon in the Tejon Pass.  The entire Mojave segment that may have ruptured in the two quakes of 1812 ruptured again in the 1857 quake.  This may be the pattern that the San Andreas sometimes follows, with a “Great Quake” being set up decades earlier by 1 or 2 major earthquakes (M 7.0+).

The approximate dates–based on paleoseismic data–of other major (M 7.0+) or “Great” (M 8.0+)earthquakes along the southern San Andreas Fault near Wrightwood before 1812 are:   1690–1480–1346–1100–1048–997–797–737–677. 

The approximate dates–based on paleoseismic data–for other major or “Great” quakes along the southern San Andreas Fault between Fort Tejon and Parkfield (near the Carrizo Plain, which is closer to the epicenter of the 1857 quake) are:   1640–1585–1393–1310–1216–878–455.    

It appears that the same thing may have happened before the “Great San Francisco Quake” of 1906, with the major 1838 San Francisco earthquake (M 7.4) on the northern San Andreas Fault potentially setting up the 1906 shock (M 7.8).  Does this mean that the major 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake (M 7.1) south of San Francisco may be setting up the next “Great Quake” on the northern San Andreas Fault in the Bay area?  The next 40 or 50 years will tell us a lot about whether this pattern sometimes holds true for many of the “Big One’s” on both the northern and southern San Andreas Fault.

If this pattern is applied to the southern San Andreas Fault south of Cajon Pass to the Mexican border, the last major quake (M 7.0+) on this part of the fault was the Imperial Valley earthquake (M 7.1) of 1940.  It was located on the Imperial Valley Fault, part of the southern San Andreas Fault system between the Salton Sea and the Mexican border.  


To be continued…              

Life After Death

November 8, 2008

The Afterlife-(from the website Afterlife-Knowledge.com by Bruce A. Moen)

The Afterlife is an area of human consciousness we all enter upon leaving the physical world at physical death. It is also the area we enter when unconscious, as in sleep. Physically alive human beings can learn to consciously enter and return at will to explore. Perhaps a better way to say this is that we can learn to focus our attention beyond the physical world. Physically alive humans don’t really leave the physical world to explore, they just learn to focus their attention beyond it. There are specific areas of the nonphysical world that are inhabited by human beings who are no longer physically alive. These are the areas known as the Afterlife.

The Lifeline program at The Monroe Institute (TMI) is where one can learn to focus their attention into various areas of the Afterlife. In Lifeline language, these areas are known as Focus levels, and, for convenience, they’re labeled with the numbers 1 through 27. Each of these Focus levels defines a specific area of the Afterlife, with activities and situations of human beings inhabiting that level.

The Physical World:

Physical world reality is the level of human consciousness in which we live our day-to-day lives. The truth is, we are all multidimensional beings, and exist in more “places” than we can see each other with our physical eyes. But each of us chose to minimize our awareness of other places where we exist as a part of entering this reality. We’ve each come here for our own reasons, the most basic of which seems to be: to learn how to experience and express “Pure Unconditional Love” to a greater extent.

Many of us wonder why we’d choose to have little or no awareness of our existence before entering this level of physical world consciousness and why we’d also limit awareness of our existence beyond this world. Answers I’ve found to these questions, so far, point to two general areas: the need to maintain conscious awareness within this reality; and not spoiling the movie.

There are presently over 5 billion human beings crowded together on planet earth. The thoughts and feelings of each have an existence in the nonphysical world. In a way, we are all like little radio stations, constantly broadcasting our thoughts and feelings into the air. If we arrived in this physical world reality with our nonphysical perception still completely open, it would be like constantly hearing 5 billion different radio stations at once. Such exposure would completely jam our awareness with blaring noise. So, as part of entering this level of conscious, this physical world reality, we intentionally close down most of our awareness of nonphysical realities.

The other aspect of why we are unaware of other realities in which we exist has to do with the fact that in those realities we know everything about ourselves. This includes the reasons we’ve chosen to enter physical world reality to learn more about experiencing and expressing “Pure Unconditional Love”. The way in which we learn requires that we learn to feel, to experience, to understand, to know. The most powerful way in which we learn these things is through experiencing the emotional impact of what we do. Without experiencing the emotional impact, learning is a very slow process. With it, we learn much more quickly. So, imagine your life is like the latest movie playing in the local theater. If you knew everything that was going to happen during that movie, how much potential would it have for emotional impact on you? Probably very little. You’d know every little twist and turn in the plot, and the movie’s final outcome and you probably wouldn’t feel much while you watched it. We learn more about experiencing and expressing “Pure Unconditional Love” through the emotional impacts of our interactions. So, we chose not to have access to the parts of ourselves which know everything about what’s going to happen, so we don’t spoil the movie for ourselves.

Focus 1-21

Focus 1-The level of awareness in which most of us spend our normal, waking lives. The everyday, ordinary reality of the physical world in which we live. The level of consciousness we learn to move beyond during Gateway programs.

Focus 10-This is the level at which the physical body is asleep but the mind is awake and alert. Consciousness is fully retained without dependence upon signals from the physical body. Conceptual tools are developed that the participant may use to reduce anxiety and tension, for healing, for remote viewing and for establishing resonance with other individuals. In Focus 10, much like the dream state, we learn to think in images rather than in words.

Focus 12-This is a state where conscious awareness is expanded beyond the limits of the physical body. Focus 12 has many different facets, including: exploring nonphysical realities, decision making, problem solving and enhanced creative expression.

Focus 15-The state of “No Time” is a level of consciousness which opens avenues of the mind that offer vast opportunities for self exploration beyond the constraints of time and place.

Focus 21-This level offers the opportunity to explore other realities and energy systems beyond what we call time-space-physical-matter.

Focus 22-23:

Focus 22-Within Focus 22 we often find those perhaps still physically alive who are in an unconscious state. These include people in comas, in drug induced states, who are dreaming, who are insane or deranged. This is a very chaotic level.

Focus 23-In Focus 23, the human inhabitants tend to be those no longer physically alive who have become “stuck” for one reason or another. Often they are confused about or unaware of their death. Many here attempt to maintain contact with the physical world around familiar people or places. These are the ones we call “ghosts”. Focus 23 inhabitants are stuck because they are unable to leave through their own resources. The range of their free-will choices is extremely narrow. They are typically alone and completely isolated from communication with other humans. This can occur through the circumstances of their death or habitual patterns of thinking prior to death.

Focus 24, 25, and 26:    The Belief System Territories

Inhabitants of The Belief System Territories are attracted to specific locations by Afterlife beliefs they held while physically alive. Every set of Afterlife beliefs held by humans at any time has a specific location with these Focus levels. In a sense, Belief System Territory inhabitants are stuck like those in Focus 23. The difference is that they are not isolated from contact with others. All inhabitants of a specific Territory are in contact with all others sharing their beliefs. Contact with anyone holding conflicting beliefs is severely limited. Free will choices here are restricted to only those compatible with the prevailing beliefs. Some of these areas look like Heavens, some look like Hells. Each one is rigidly structured around the beliefs held by the inhabitants. In my experience, it is extremely difficult to move people from this area to areas of greater free will choice.

Focus 27:

Focus 27 is the Afterlife area of greatest free will choice for its inhabitants. It’s an area created by humans and often resembles physical earth environments. Contact and communication is open between all inhabitants. Many people living in Focus 27 provide assistance to new arrivals in their adjustment to living in the Afterlife. It is a highly organized and structured area. There are Centers of activity here providing for the needs of human beings in their continuing development in the Afterlife. In my explorations, I’ve found Centers for: Education, Life Review, Health and Rejuvenation, Planning, Scheduling, Rehabilitation, Humor, and many others. These Centers also coordinate activities in the physical world to assist in human development.


Between Nothingness and Eternity

July 6, 2008





Barren of events,
Rich in pretensions
My earthly life.

My real name.

Wholly unto myself
I exist.

I wrap no soul
In my embrace.

No mentor worthy
Of my calibre
Have I.

I am all alone
Between failure
And frustration.

I am the red thread
And Eternity.



Excerpt from “My Flute” by Sri Chinmoy 

Treasure Up in Heaven

June 1, 2008

Treasure Up in Heaven

You tell me I am getting old, but that’s not really so.
The house I live in may be worn, and that of course I know.
It’s been in use for quite a while, weathered by wind and hail.
I’m therefore not surprised to find it’s getting somewhat frail!

 You tell me I am getting old, you mix the house with me.
You’re looking at the outside, that’s all that you can see.
The dweller in this shaky house is young and bright and free;
Just starting on a life that lasts for all eternity.

 The colour’s changing on the roof, the window’s looking dim,
The wall’s a bit transparent and is getting rather thin.
The foundation’s not as steady, as once it used to be;
But that is all that you observe, and really that’s not me!

 I patch the old house up a bit, to make it last the night,
But soon I shall be leaving for my home of endless light:
I’m going to live forever there, for life goes on—it’s grand!
How can you say I’m getting old? You do not understand!

 These few short years can’t make me old. I feel I’m in my youth:
Eternal life is mine right now, and thats the solid truth!
I will not fret to see this house grow shabby day by day,
But look ahead to my New Home which never will decay.

 I want to be found worthy for my Father’s house above;
Cleansed in the precious Blood of Christ and growing still in love.
The beauty of that glorious home no words can ever say.
‘Tis hidden from these mortal eyes, but kept for me some day.

 My house is getting ready in a place beyond the sky.
Its Architect and Builder is my Saviour now on high:
But He’s told me that He’s leaving all the furnishing to me,
So it’s ‘treasure up in heaven’ that I’m storing—don’t you see?

 Mr L. A. T. Van Dooran

Looking for the Sunrise

June 1, 2008

Looking for the Sunrise

I’m not looking for the sunset,
As the swift years come and go;
I am looking for the sunrise,
And the golden morning glow,
Where the light of heaven’s glory
Will break forth upon my sight,
In the land that knows no sunset,
Nor the darkness of the night.

                                 I’m not going down the pathway
                                  Toward the setting of the sun,
                                 Where the shadows ever deepen
                                   When the day at last is done;
                                   I am walking up the hillside
                              Where the sunshine lights the way,
                                    To the glory of the sunrise
                                    Of God’s never-ending day.

                                 I’m not going down, but upward,
                                     And the path is never dim,
                                For the day grows ever brighter
                                     As I journey on with Him.
                                So my eyes are on the hilltops,
                                  Waiting for the sun to rise,
                                  Waiting for His invitation
                              To the home beyond the skies.

                               Albert Simpson Reitz, June 1953


January 28, 2008

The essence of God’s forgiveness lies in His word and in His mystery.

 Because although God sends us the message, it is our task to decipher it.

 Because when we open our arms, the earth takes in only a hollow and senseless shell.

 Far away now is the soul in its eternal glory.

 Because it is in pain that we find the meaning of life and the state of grace that we lose when we are born.

 Because God in His infinite wisdom puts the solution in our hands.

 And because it is only in His physical presence that the place He occupies in our souls is reaffirmed.

From “Pan’s Labyrinth”