Forgotten Teams of the NFL, AFL, AAFC: 1920-1998

1920-21: APFA Teams, 1922-1998: NFL/AFL/AAFC Teams    

Akron Pros: 1920-1925   

Decatur Staleys: 1920    

Buffalo All-Americans: 1920-1923

Rock Island Independents: 1920-1925       

Dayton Triangles: 1920-1929   

Chicago Cardinals: 1920-1959 (became the St. Louis Cardinals in 1960, the Phoenix Cardinals in 1988, and the Arizona Cardinals in 1994)


Canton Bulldogs: 1920-1923, 1925-1926   

Detroit Heralds: 1920

Cleveland Tigers: 1920-1921

Chicago Tigers: 1920

Rochester Jeffersons: 1920-1925    

Muncie Flyers: 1920-1921

Hammond Pros: 1920-1926

Columbus Panhandles: 1920-1922   

Chicago Staleys: 1921 (became the Chicago Bears in 1922)

Evansville Crimson Giants: 1921-1922

Syracuse Pros:  1921

Washington Senators: 1921

Minneapolis Marines: 1921-1924

Cincinnati Celts: 1921   

Detroit Panthers: 1921, 1925-1926            

Tonawonda Kardex: 1921

Louisville Brecks: 1921-1923

New York Brickley’s Giants: 1921

Toledo Maroons: 1922-1923

Racine Legion: 1922-1924 

Milwaukee Badgers: 1922-1926

Oorang Indians (Marion, OH): 1922-1923

Cleveland Indians: 1923, 1931

Duluth Kelleys: 1923-1925

Columbus Tigers: 1923-1926   

St. Louis All-Stars: 1923

Cleveland Bulldogs: 1924-1925, 1927

Frankford Yellow Jackets: 1924-1931   

Buffalo Bisons: 1924-1925, 1927, 1929

Kansas City Blues: 1924

Kenosha Maroons: 1924

Pottsville Maroons: 1925-1928   

Providence Steam Roller: 1925-1931   

Kansas City Cowboys: 1925-1926

Boston Bulldogs (AFL): 1926

Brooklyn Horsemen (AFL): 1926

Chicago Bulls (AFL): 1926

Cleveland Panthers (AFL): 1926

Los Angeles (L.A. Wilson) Wildcats (AFL): 1926

Newark Bears (AFL): 1926

New York Yankees (AFL): 1926

Philadelphia Quakers (AFL): 1926

Rock Island Independents (AFL): 1926

Los Angeles Buccaneers: 1926    

Duluth Eskimos: 1926-1927   

Buffalo Rangers: 1926

Akron Indians: 1926

Hartford Blues: 1926   

Brooklyn Lions: 1926

Racine Tornadoes: 1926

Louisville Colonels: 1926

New York Yankees: 1927-1928

Detroit Wolverines: 1928

Boston Bulldogs: 1929

Staten Island Stapletons: 1929-1932

Orange Tornadoes: 1929

Minneapolis Red Jackets: 1929-1930

Brooklyn Dodgers: 1930-1943

Portsmouth Spartans: 1930-1933 (became the Detroit Lions in 1934)

Newark Tornadoes: 1930   

Boston Braves: 1932 (became the Boston Redskins in 1933)

Boston Redskins: 1933-1936 (became the Washington Redskins in 1937)

Pittsburgh Pirates: 1933-1940 (became the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1941)

Cincinnati Reds: 1933-1934

St. Louis Gunners: 1934   

Boston Shamrocks (AFL): 1936-1937

Brooklyn/Rochester Tigers (AFL): 1936/1937

Cleveland Rams (AFL): 1936

New York Yankees (AFL): 1936-1937

Pittsburgh Americans (AFL): 1936-1937

Syracuse/Rochester Braves (AFL): 1936

Cincinnati Bengals (AFL): 1937

Los Angeles Bulldogs (AFL): 1937

Cleveland Rams: 1937-1942, 1944-1945 (became the L. A. Rams in 1946 and the St. Louis Rams in 1995)

Boston Bears (AFL): 1940

Buffalo Indians/Tigers (AFL): 1940/1941

Cincinnati Bengals (AFL): 1940-1941

Columbus Bullies (AFL): 1940-1941

Milwaukee Chiefs (AFL): 1940-1941

New York Yankees/Americans (AFL): 1940/1941

Boston Yanks: 1944-1948   

Brooklyn Tigers: 1944-1945    

Brooklyn Dodgers (AAFC): 1946-1948

Buffalo Bisons/Bills (AAFC): 1946/1947-1949


Chicago Rockets/Hornets (AAFC): 1946-1948/1949

Cleveland Browns (AAFC): 1946-1949


Los Angeles Dons (AAFC): 1946-1949


Miami Seahawks/Baltimore Colts (AAFC): 1946/1947-1949

New York Yankees (AAFC): 1946-1948

San Francisco 49ers (AAFC): 1946-1949

Brooklyn/New York Yankees (AAFC): 1949

New York Bulldogs: 1949    

Baltimore Colts: 1950, 1953-1983 (became the Indianapolis Colts in 1984)


New York Yanks: 1950-1951   

Dallas Texans: 1952 (became the Baltimore Colts in 1953)

New York Titans (AFL): 1960-1962 (became the New York Jets in 1963)


Houston Oilers (AFL-AFC): 1960-1997 (became the Tennessee Oilers in 1998 and the Tennessee Titans in 1999)


Boston Patriots (AFL-AFC): 1960-1970 (became the New England Patriots in 1971)

Los Angeles Chargers (AFL): 1960 (became the San Diego Chargers in 1961)

Dallas Texans (AFL): 1960-1962 (became the Kansas City Chiefs in 1963)

25 Responses to Forgotten Teams of the NFL, AFL, AAFC: 1920-1998

  1. Jim McNamara says:

    Do you have team photos of the Toledo Maroons or the Detroit Panthers(1926) my Great Uncle Edmund R. McNamara aka Edward and AKA Tom McNamara played on those teams. I’m looking for a photo of him.

  2. Douglas L. Saunders says:

    Jim McNamara – I can email you a copy of ‘a’ photo believed to be of the 1922 Toledo Maroons. My grandfather, Ward Bishop ‘Buck’ Saunders apparently played at least 1 game that season. If you have any other Toledo Maroons items, I’d love to hear about it. My email is

  3. do you have a team picture of the 1940 pittsburgh steelers?

  4. Douglas L. Saunders says:

    If that question was directed to me, all I have is the one photo of the 1922 Toledo Maroons.

  5. J Rukosky says:

    Any and all information on footballer & Coach John Rukosky would be very appreciated.

    John was 30, and his wife Dorothy 26 when their lives were tragically taken in a car accident leaving my father left without parents.

    All we know about John is from the Toledo Blade Newspaper in November 1928. The paper reports that John; “Was well known in athletic circles as a football player at Woodward and later on amateur and professional football and basketball teams. He was also a referee.

  6. Paul Doepel says:

    I thought I saw Buddy Young play for the New York Yankees against the Chicago Rockets in 1948 or 1949 at Soldier’s Field in Chicago,( night game with a white ball with black circle around each end ) I think he scored three or four touchdowns. I remember liking him because he was so little. Is this an accurate memory?

    • txpatriot says:

      When the Yankees played the Chicago Rockets on Dec 5, 1948, Buddy Young didn’t score.

      But Young scored three times against the Chicago Hornets on Oct 7, 1949. Is that the game you are recalling?

  7. Dave says:

    I have a couple of photos of 1921 Cleveland pathers my great grandfather played for the team.If interested let me know.Dave

  8. Joannie says:

    i have been trying to find any pictures from the Detroit Herald 1920 team. My Grandfather was Gilbert “Birdie” Maher. Any help would be appreciated.

  9. Rich Marazzi says:

    Did Larry Kelley (Yale) play for the 1937 Boston Shamrocks?

  10. Hi Rich Marazzi,

    Can you identify the players in the following photos:
    Rochester Jeffersons,Columbus Pan Handlers,Columbus Tigers and Akron Indians/
    Do you have any of the following team photos:
    New York Bulldogs 1949
    New York Titans 1961 and 1962
    St louis Gunners
    Boston Yanks1946,1947 and 1948 and Los Angeles Dons

    • michael lemongello says:

      want team photos of 1949 new york bulldogs,1934 st louis gunners,1948 los angeles don,1961 and 1962 new york titans and 1946,1947 and 1948 boston yanks

  11. Larry Orcena says:

    My father played for a semi-pro football team from Marion, Ohio, called the Marion Angels, in the mid-1940’s. The coach’s name was Gene Fetters, my dad was Larry Orcena. Does anyone know of information about this team? My father had a team picture, but it got lost over the years of moving. Thanks!

  12. Luke Dennison says:

    I know this is a long shot, but any chance the name Robert Sherman rings any bells around here? He was my Grandfather and reportedly played basketball (semi-pro is how the story goes in the family, but my research has made me doubt this) in the Toledo area somewhere around the 1940s (it is also unclear if it was before or after his time in the war). Any trails would be appreciated.

    Thank you

  13. Ted Andrewlevich says:

    My Dad, Teddy Andrulewicz, played for the Nework Tornadoes in 1930. I am trying to find out as much as I can about the team, the roster, when he scored his touchdown etc..

  14. douglaslssaunders says:

    Sure. Just email me at the address above.

  15. Ted Andrewlevich says:

    Saunders— Could you email me at
    about my Dad and the Newark Tornadoes in 1930.
    THANK YOU!!!!

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