NFL Team Nicknames-Good/Bad/Old/New

Arizona Cardinals-Cards, Red Birds, Cardiac Cardinals (1974-75, 1998), Turdinals, Canaries, CadaversRed Hot Birds

Atlanta Falcons-Dirty BirdsGritz Blitz (1977), Fellons, Geese, Ducks, BuzzardsRed Hawks

Baltimore Ravens-Crows, Black Birds, Black Crows

Buffalo Bills-Bickering Bills (1988), Electric Company (70’s), Fort Knox (1981), No Thrills, Belles, Duffalo, Barfallo, , Jills, Nils, Spills, BinsBisons, Wild Bills

Carolina Panthers-Cardiac Cats, Panters, Prancers, Pussycats, Pussies, KittensBlack Cats

Chicago Bears-Monsters of the MidwayDa Bears, Teddy Bears, Cubs, Bores, Dancing BearsGrizzlies

Cincinnati Bengals-Bungles, Ben-Gays, Tigers, Wildcats

Cleveland Browns-Brownies, Kardiac Kids (1980), Clowns, Dawgs, Hounds, Mutts, Blowns, FrownsBrown Bears

Dallas Cowboys-America’s Team, The ‘Boys, Doomsday Defense (70’s), Triplets (90’s), Cowgirls, Cowpies, Dalloss, Cowchips, Cryboys, Cowboobs, Dull-Ass, Chokeboys, CowdogsPlowboys, Rough Riders

Denver Broncos-Orange Crush (70’s), Three Amigos (late 80’s and early 90’s), Donkeys, Pony Boys, Orange Crushed, Donkos, Doinks, Pack MulesStampede, Bronco Busters

Detroit Lions-Cryins, Kittens, Lie-Downs, Loins, Cowardly Lions, Motor City Madmen

Green Bay Packers-Slackers, Whackers, The Pack, Velveetas, The Cheez, Longshoremen

Houston Texans-Hexans, Alamos, Wildcatters

Indianapolis Colts-Dolts, Indianapolis .500, Ponies, Dolts, Geldings, Mules, Wild Horses

Jacksonville Jaguars-Jags, Cardiac Jags, Jagoffs, JackassesCougars

Kansas City Chiefs-Griefs, Chefs, Cheaps, Chokes, Cheeps, Chimps, Squaws, Thiefs, Chumps, Cheek, Cheats, Arrowheads, Warpath

Miami Dolphins-The Fish, Fins, Killer Bees (1982), No-Name Defense (70’s), Minnows, Tuna, Cryami, Dullfins, Guppies, Bait, Chum, Porpoises, Flippers

Minnesota Vikings-Vikes, The Purple People Eaters (70’s), ViQueens, Swedish Chefs, Purple Peepee EatersNords, Conquerors

New England Patriots-Pats, Evil Empire, Homeland Defense, Patsies, Tea Men, Spats, Patties, PattycakesMilitia, Militiamen, Missiles

New Orleans Saints-Ain’ts, Faints, Quaints, The SuperDumb, Shanks, Dome Patrol (80’s), Sinners, Hurricanes

New York Giants-G-Men, Big Blue Wrecking Crew (1986), Crunch Bunch (80’s), Midgets, Dwarfs, Ants, Gigantics

New York Jets-Gang Green, New York Sack Exchange (early 80’s), Yets, Gliders, Paper Airplanes, Jerks, JestersStealth Bombers 

Oakland Raiders-Silver & Black, Faders, Taters, Chokeland, Fraiders, ‘Roiders, Afraiders, Masqueraiders, Traitors, RaiDuhsBandits

Philadelphia Eagles-BirdsBlitz Inc. (1999-2004), Gang Green (1987-90), Beagles, Iggles, Filthydelphia, Pigeons, Chickens, TurkeysBirds of Prey

Pittsburgh Steelers-Steel Curtain (70’s), Blitzburgh, Reelers, Squealers, Curtain Rods, ArmpitsburghIron City Hard Hats 

St. Louis Rams-Greatest Show on Turf, Fearsome Foursome (60’s L.A. Rams), Lambs, Scrams, Sheep, Ramrods, Wild Goats

San Diego Chargers-Bolts, Air Coryell (Early 80’s), Superchargers, Rechargers, Deadbolts, Dolts, Discharges, Charburgers, SparklersLightning Bolts

San Francisco 49ers-Niners, Whiners, $4.99ers, The Village People, Farty Whiners, Forty NinniesEarthquakes

Seattle Seahawks-Seagulls, Seachickens, Yawnhawks, Cheesehawks, Weehawks, Water Chickens, Seahags, Chickenhawks, Seachix, Seahacks, Seaducks, Seasquawks, Weakhawks, Chicks, Winged Water Rats, Seahonks, SeaslugsOspreys

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Bucs, Pewter Pirates (1997), Yucks or Yuccaneers (mid 80’s to mid 90’s), Quackaneers, SuckaneersPirates, Sea Bandits

Tennessee Titans-Titanics, Titties, Colossals

Washington Redskins-Skins, Over-the-Hill Gang (70’s), Fun Bunch (early 80’s), Hogs (80’s and early 90’s), The Posse (late 80’s and early 90’s), Smurfs (80’s), Deadskins, Greenskins, Indians, Redmen, Flaming Spears

19 Responses to NFL Team Nicknames-Good/Bad/Old/New

  1. Tony says:

    You can add Seab!tches after their coaches whining in SB XL, and of course here in DC we call them the Washington Racistskins. And of course now for the Steelers they like to go by Sixburgh after winning last year.

  2. I’m looking for a relative, Bill “Tipper Conley” played in the NFL in the 1920s and 30s. Can’t find him. Anybody ever heard of him?

  3. m&m says:

    Oakland- The Greatness; Philly- Dreaded and Feared, City of brotherly shove; San Fran- 69er’s; Green Bay- Peckers: Kansas City- Queefs; Houston- That other Texas team. That’s the only others I can think of.

  4. Steve says:

    1.) Jolly Green Men
    2.) Seven Squared- San Francisco 49ers
    3.) Forest Dwellers
    4.) 747’s- New York Jets
    5.) Plunderers
    6.) Robbers
    7.) Paper Money
    8.) Helpers to Relocate
    9.) Flippers Family
    10.) Ancient Warriors
    11.) Black Cats
    12.) Ewe’s Boyfriend
    13.) Class of Boy Scouts
    14.) Paul and John
    15.) Blushing Bird
    16.) Quote these, Nevermore
    17.) Birds trained to kill
    18.) Credit Card Users
    19.) Indian Leaders
    20.) Type of Tigers
    21.) King of Jungle
    22.) Zelous National
    23.) Old Fashioned Pirates
    24.) Bad Sunburns
    25.) American Guacho
    26.) Rodeo Mounts
    27.) Six Shoots
    28.) Not White, Not Black
    29.) Inhabitants of Large State
    30.) Early European Settlers
    31.) Bird of the Ocean

    Please inform me on what “NFL” teams they are!!

  5. Monsta says:

    Please add the Purple Chickens to the nickname list for the Baltimore Ravens

  6. Isabella says:

    How about for the Seahawks super bowl champions

  7. Joshua S. says:

    Green Bay Packers- cheeseheads

  8. Maddie says:

    cowboys r totally the cowpiles go REDSKINS

  9. Jeffrey Duckett says:

    St Louis Hams. Detroit Kitty Cats , Chicago Scares.
    San Diego Fizzles.

  10. Jeffrey Duckett says:

    St Louis Hams.Detroit Kitty Cats. San Diego Fizzles. Chicago Scares. Houston TexNots. Tampa Bay Suckaneers. Tennessee Titanics. Tennessee Frightens. Seattle SeaChickens. San Francisco Forty Cryners. Buffalo Ills. Washington Red Squaws. Green Bay Slackers. New Orleans Faints.

  11. A person says:

    We need a nickname to make fun of the Baltimore Ravens!👌🏼😂

  12. Leslie says:

    How could they have forgotten the CLASSIC Redskins nick of “Foreskins” Ravens is tough but how ’bout The Cravins?

  13. Stephen says:


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