Who Am I?

My name is Greg and I live in “Quake City” Whittier, CA.  My town is called ‘quake city’ because of a 5.9M earthquake that hit the town on Oct. 1st, 1987 during the centennial year (100 years) of the founding of our town.  The local Quaker City Bank sign lost an ‘R’ ; this was photographed for the local newspaper and the name of ‘quake city’ caught on among local citizens. 

I have lived here most of my life.  I am married to my wife Alma and we have a son at CS Fullerton, Christopher.  I enjoy studying earthquakes, local history, NFL Football History, wine, cigars, football cards, coins and golf.  I worked at Trader Joe’s for 15+ years; I am semi-retired at the moment, but I may return to the company in Oct. ’08. 

I have an online eBay store www.stores.ebay.com/Holiday-Bros-Art-and-Gift-Gallery.  If you are looking for stained glass, decorator, gift or collectible items, please check out my site.

Please comment on anything I have posted or post something you think would be interesting, regardless of whether you agree with me or not.  I welcome all opinions, but please avoid the use of profanity or put downs–that’s for adolescents!!

4 Responses to Who Am I?

  1. Michael says:

    Well spoken cuz! Thanks for da link!

  2. Fibril_late says:

    Thanks for the Calif Quake history.

  3. Freddy Tapia says:

    Hello Greg,

    I really appreciate that you took the time and lent your knowledge on Los Angeles area Earthquakes…. Very detailed work.

    Im sure youve done your research (as it shows), but I would like to know where you got your sources. Especially, for the Whittier and Northridge earthquakes, since they seem to have been the most costly and destructive to Los Angeles itself.



  4. Vikraman Karunanidhi says:

    Hello Greg,
    Thanks for the information. Are aware of any source, where I could locate the details of foreshocks that have occurred?

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